Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another award and a pleasant Sunday afternoon

Safa was at Mountain Brook this weekend for another debate tournament. She drove herself for the first time. Her drive back was quite stressful for us, since it had started to rain a lot. And Zakir remembered that the wipers needed to be changed. Plus he was concerned about the tread on the tires. Oh, great! Not only does she have to drive after sunset, she also gets rain on her very first day alone on the road! Possibly with dodgy tires and wipers?! Thankfully she had no problems making the 20 minute drive home. The wipers and tires probably could do with being changed soon, but it's not an imminent concern. But I don't know how I'm going to handle all this stress. When will I stop worrying about her being by herself on the road? One day and I'm already starting to feel like I'm getting an ulcer!

And as for the results of the debate, she qualified for the quarter finals. Unfortunately the judges put her up against another student on her team, so she didn't compete, in order for her team mate to able to advance. But she did earn a medal for qualifying, and placed 7th by speaker points. Not too bad!

Bilal came home on Friday with the 'Good Citizen of the week' award for his class. He was very proud of the ribbon he wore, especially after the 'oops' from earlier in the week. But all is forgiven and he is happy again. Incidentally, a little over a week after finishing his antibiotics, the yuckies are back. Thick, green, nasty stuff, ugh! We are going to see how he does otherwise might have to talk to the ENT again. I hope it gets better by itself! The post-antibiotic nasal culture did not grow any further bacteria, so we were hopeful that it had completely cleared.

Hamza potentially had a math tournament this weekend, but he opted out from going; he hasn't missed a single one this year and has a few more to attend, so it wasn't really a big deal. We were invited out to dinner yesterday evening, and today was Sunday School as usual. This afternoon we were outside for a while, and I actually got on my bike after a very long time. After a couple of little races against Hamza I realized how deconditioned I really am. I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow! I really need to get back into the exercise groove and work on becoming healthier.

Hamza trying to hula hoop

And Bilal is learning to jump rope. I think he needs to start with a smaller rope!

Even Zakir got on his bike today! It didn't last very long, though



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