Thursday, January 19, 2012

A pleasant evening

It's so rare that Zakir and I have the chance to go out for dinner without the kids, so we decided it was due. We tucked the kids in (well, Bilal was tucked in while Safa and Hamza were up reading) for the night and headed up to the Pinnacle this evening. We had to pick up the tuxedo that Zakir has rented for a fancy dinner we are going to on Saturday night, and then we headed to the Olive Garden. Nothing fancy, but a nice meal. The restaurant just opened in our town a few months ago, and is always packed, even on weekday evenings. Fortunately it was easy enough to get a table for two, since by the time we got there the crowds had started to taper off.

We haven't eaten at any Olive Garden in at least 9-10 years, so didn't really know what to expect regarding the food. Fortunately the dishes we selected were actually quite good. And we even ordered dessert! Heck why not? Who knows when we'll do this again!

Tomorrow the office is closed, but there is a lot of catching up to do. We both had a busy week and there is still a lot of (virtual) paperwork to finish off. And then you know we won't even have a minute to spare this weekend. As always!

And after almost two weeks of antibiotics Bilal was starting to get better, with no more snotty nose and much less cough. Well, this morning he woke up coughing a lot again, and this afternoon he just wasn't himself even after coming home from school. He didn't seem to have a fever, but kept on complaining about feeling cold, and had that puny look on his face as he does when he gets sick. And the snot has started back again. This has to be one nasty bug! We have one more week of antibiotics left and then we go back for a repeat nasal culture. Let's see what the verdict will be, but it is a bit disappointing to see that he has taken a few steps back again. Sigh...


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