Friday, January 20, 2012


This morning Hamza came down into the kitchen, took one look at Bilal's clothes and, in his best 'I'm your big brother and am about to give you some very important advice' voice said, "Bilal, that's very tacky." Hm, I wonder why he'd say that?

What Hamza didn't realize, is that today happens to be Tacky Day at Paine Primary School. So, success! We managed to put together a tacky outfit! And to finish off the outfit Bilal decided to wear mismatched shoes to school too. And did I mention that he is tying his own shoelaces now too? Mr. Independent!

And can you tell that his hair line is rather crooked and missing a tuft of hair?

Bilal decided to give himself a haircut because "hair was getting in my eyes". There was a huge clump of hair missing with the rest of his bangs looking rather long. So I cut some more to try and salvage his new 'do', but we're just going to have to wait for it to grow out, and then get it cut neater again. Silly boy!


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