Saturday, January 14, 2012


Zakir wasn't supposed to be on call this weekend, but there have been some mishaps among other doctors in the call group, so he agreed to cover, and instead will have a weekend off in March. But it wasn't too bad, he only had to round on one person, and was back home pretty soon. Hamza spent most of the day at his school, helping out with the math tournament.

The nephews drove up from Mobile last night; Farah and Adeel are looking at potential houses to rent in Birmingham, for their move up here within the next couple of months. We are so excited that we should be able to see them much more often! This morning Bilal rode with them to meet a homeowner who is renting out a house, and Zakir and I spent the rest of the morning at home by ourselves. It's always odd when it's just the two of us, it seems far too quiet! Safa, of course, was still in Tuscaloosa, and didn't make it back home until after 8 this evening. More on that later.

After the house hunting was over we all met at Zoe's Kitchen for lunch. Then we headed over to the BJCC for the Lego festival. That's when I realized that I had my camera with me, but had left the SD card at home. So pardon the poor quality of some of these pics, cellphone cameras don't always cooperate.

This creation particularly amused me:

And there were many other creations, by Lego builders of all ages, and from all over the country.

There was a ginormous chess set:

And several stations where kids could build their own, with a variety of Lego bricks.

After they were done building, the boys had a go at the Lego Batman video game

It was all fun until Hamza's character intentionally killed off Bilal's character in the video game, although they were supposed to be on the same team. After that tears were shed, peace was made, and we moved on.

After a couple of hours at home we all got dressed and headed out to a friend's house for a dinner invite. Just got back from there a short while ago. Tomorrow is Sunday School, and I have agreed to go to Oneonta to make rounds since Zakir has to meet someone at the mosque. So my work week is starting one day early. Ah well, hopefully it won't be too bad!


Stefenie said...

We love Legos here!! How neat!

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