Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello, my name is mina and I'm addicted to...

... Pinterest.

There, I've said it. My new guilty pleasure is this amazing website, a virtual bulletin board you can use to share a variety of design ideas, crafts, recipes, DIY projects, do some vacation or even wedding planning... the list is endless. Oh, and it's also a great place to find an assortment of gifts, categorized by price.

Maybe it's not too bad an indulgence; the family has been enjoying all the new recipes I've been finding and actually trying out. And it's made me feel so crafty! Anyone who knows me personally will be able to vouch for the fact that craftiness is not one of my natural traits. At the most, I'll find a project that looks interesting, and fairly straightforward, consider it, and file it away in my mind as something I might try out - some day.

But this time it's stuck... a bit, at least. And besides finding and sharing some delicious recipes, I have actually tried out my handiwork. My first creation is (in my books) a success. It might not be perfectly neat; the lines are crooked, and I still haven't mounted it anywhere so that I can actually put it to use, but....

Ta da!

It's a ribbon memo board! And so colorful, in an extremely tacky way! The inspiration is this blog/website, which shows a picture of a much less gaudy, yet just as colorful memo board made of ribbons and fabric. The link shows a nice how-to tutorial, complete with photographs of each step.

And best of all, it only cost me a few bucks. I picked up a couple of fabric remnants and assorted ribbon on sale at the nearest fabric store. I bought a foam board, and of course, had packing tape and regular sticky tape already in the house. How long did it take me to make this? No more than fifteen minutes flat! Yes! Even I have fifteen minutes to spare, some time during my crazy busy day. (Of course, I admit, today just happens to be my day off work, and this time, for a change, I did not have a mile long list of errands to run.)

With my first no-sew, extremely easy project under my belt, I might just try and get a little more creative. Who knows what it will be next?


Stefenie said...

I LOVE pinterest too. I have to limit my time on there or I could be "gone" for hours on there checking everything out.

Shannon said...

I love Pinterest too! I find myself checking it a few times a day. Serious addiction!

You did a great job on your memo board. I love it! :)

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