Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting better

We're just over a week into Bilal's course of antibiotics and we are definitely starting to see an improvement in his nasal symptoms. He still sounds very nasal at times, but he isn't producing so much gunk, and is coughing much less in the mornings when he gets up. Plus thankfully, no side effects, and he doesn't even mind the taste. So that should make the three weeks much more tolerable; I just have to remember to give it to him twice a day. In three weeks he'll go back for another nasal culture, and we'll see where to go from there. Still hoping that taking the adenoids out will not become necessary. And perhaps after being in school longer he'll finally develop an immunity to all the bugs he keeps getting exposed to!

He is still loving school, and making much more progress with his reading. He still has to be in the mood to read, otherwise he'll rub his face, yawn or complain about his head hurting. But we read together anyway and is it getting better every day. We'll be getting his most recent reading test results soon, and will be able to see where he ranks according to what is expected of him, half way through kindergarten.

I have been to his school twice this year to eat lunch with him. He was so excited to have me there! You'd think he didn't see enough of me at home, hah! He is my baby all the way for sure!

I'll have to make another trip back for lunch before the end of the school year, for sure!


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