Sunday, January 8, 2012

First class together

This week all three kids went for a 6pm karate class. The beginners and intermediate/advanced levels were split for the first part of the class, but they merged during the latter part of the class. It was nice to walk in to the Dojo and see them standing in one line.

If Bilal keeps it up, I'm sure they will be training together more often. At present he's just as excited as when he first started.

Safa's been working on her Science Fair project for most of the day today. She finally completed her trifold presentation board, and will be presenting it on Tuesday. I'll share more about it later. Besides her regular homework she has to write two speeches for the 2 day debate tournament at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa this Friday. But writing speeches is fun for her. Hamza's school is hosting a math tournament this weekend, and he has signed up as a volunteer, so most of his Saturday will be spent at school.

We are also hoping to see the nephews this weekend again, as Farah and Adeel are coming up from Mobile to visit. So looking forward to another busy but enjoyable weekend.

And how about our youngest offspring? We got his report card back and he is doing very well too. He is very close to meeting all the goals expected of students before they move up to first grade. He just has a couple of sight words to learn and definitely needs to work on his handwriting. So with half of the school year still left we are confident that be more than ready for first grade by the end of the year. He still isn't extremely eager to read; he'd much rather have someone read to him, but his reading is definitely improving. We just need to keep working on it. He loves school, and is finally starting to enjoy Sunday School. (it's about time!)


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