Friday, January 27, 2012

Celebrating another birthday

We're back in another busy birthday month for the Khan family. Zakir's birthday is today, and it was kind of low key, but we did go out to eat in the evening.

At Nothing but Noodles

Safa turns 16 tomorrow, and since we didn't have a party planned this year (and she has to go to a math tournament), I decided to surprise her by bringing a couple of her closest friends home with us after school. We were all able to keep a secret for a couple of weeks!

And after dinner we came home and enjoyed dessert. Lately Nutella has been quite a popular food item in our house. Zakir made Nutella flavored ice cream today, and I baked him a cake with Nutella filling and frosting. It didn't turn out looking very pretty.

But it was well received; everyone thought it was delicious. As you can see the single huge candle is making up for the fact that if I put the correct number of candles on the cake it would set the house on fire, hah! So, without divulging his actual age, let me just say, he's definitely getting older! Happy Birthday, hon!


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