Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I've posted about Alabama weather several times on this blog, but this time the severe weather really hit close to home. It has been an unusually mild winter, even by Alabama standards, and that has made for a very early tornado season.

Early yesterday morning a band of storms swept through central Alabama, and with it came tornadoes. A strong EF3 tornado (up to 150mph winds) passed through Trussville and the neighboring city of Clay, leaving in its path immense destruction. One of the neighborhood hit hard was a mere 3-4 miles north of where we live, and on our route to work. So many roads were blocked that we couldn't make it to our office in the morning. But that was only a tiny inconvenience compared to what many people experienced.

These pictures, from the Trussville Tribune and Weather.com are from Trussville and Clay.

There were many other cities that were also hit hard. Sadly, two people died in the storm, one of them a sixteen year old girl who was a student at JCIB, where Safa goes to school. But the death toll could have been much higher if it weren't for the continuous coverage provided by the meteorologists at our local TV stations, who have made a commitment to staying on the air while there is a tornado warning in the viewing area. No doubt, this has saved many lives over the years. Most people receive warnings in sufficient time to get to their place of safety; a basement, a room without windows, or a storm shelter. During this set of tornadoes about 200 homes were destroyed. Yet many who lost their homes came out of this with very little physical injury. A testimony to the preparedness that Alabamians are used to, living in a region where tornadoes are the norm.

Our neighborhood looked quite unharmed yesterday morning, with a rare tree limb on the ground and no serious damage, and we thank God for that, considering the tornado was so close. You can see from the pictures what happened only a few miles from our house. Just another reminder to me to hug my kids extra tight.


The Portas said...

Devastating! :( I'm glad you are all safe. Tornadoes are scary...

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