Monday, December 26, 2011

Maybe I should leave the boys at home more often...

... because yesterday afternoon Bilal insisted he wanted to wash the dishes. There were only three things in the sink (the rest were already in the dishwasher), but he brought the step stool into the kitchen and got to work.

First he emptied the coffee grounds from Zakir's pot into the compost crock, and then he washed it thoroughly. When I cautioned him that the water might feel very hot, he insisted that dishes need to be washed in hot water because that's what Baba told him to do. Normally he squeals if the water is barely more than tepid. Evidently Zakir has been teaching him well!

And of course, that means that Zakir will have to do even less work than usual when I'm not around in the kitchen. His minions can do it for him instead!


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