Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's done!

 And put back together too! Yesterday Zakir and I worked hard to empty the remainder of the dining room of kitchen contents. And place them back where most appropriate, without cluttering the kitchen drawers. We also donated several bags of kitchen and other household items, and clothes, which got collected yesterday morning. I refuse to become a hoarder! I can't believe some of the things that came out of our kitchen drawers, before the remodeling. Broken bits and bobs of items, rusty screwdrivers, business cards of businesses that probably no longer exist, lots of Lego bricks, pens that are out of ink, and sticky notes; lots and lots of sticky notes. And the cabinets? How many travel mugs does one house need? Not to mention mismatched tupperware. Lids that didn't belong to containers, and containers with no lids.

Now, at least, I would not be embarrassed if someone came to our house and opened one of the kitchen drawers or cabinets. Even our junk drawer doesn't have much junk (yet). What will happen over time is yet to be seen.

And we have new light fixtures too, to finish off the relatively modern look we were going for. This is the one over the kitchen sink.

And a new one over the kitchen dining area too:

The LED bulbs cast a very interesting 'spotlight' on the ceiling. Still getting used to that. But with 3 watt bulbs giving as much light as they do, you can't really go wrong. Talk about energy conservation!

And the kitchen wouldn't be complete without a picture of my early riser, wearing a snuggly fleece robe, that only a few years ago fit his big brother perfectly.

Complete with a fuzzy pair of slippers which are perfect for cooler weather!

Now the kitchen has a warmer, more contemporary feel, rather than the old, outdated look we lived with for over eight years:

Much better!


Amyacl said...

Looks great! And it's always nice to have an excuse to clean up a little clutter!

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