Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Test

The kids before Bilal's first ever karate test this morning. 

And another one:

Bilal was so excited about testing today that he could hardly contain himself. We needed a 'before' photo of my kiddos; two are second degree black belts and one is a white belt.

We headed to the Dojo, dragging Safa along to take pictures. Hamza went in uniform to help out with the junior students as needed during the test. This is a mix of photos taken by Safa and me.

First they stretched to warm up.

Bilal got called on by Sensei Michele to lead the class in jumping jacks. You can see he took the job seriously and very enthusiastically. Quite a jump!

Then the actual test began.

And once the test was over the Senseis consulted each other for a few minutes, while the students waited patiently, and watched a weapons demo.

Then they were presented with their certificates and new colored belts.

And then the best part! Hamza helped Bilal change his belt.

Yay, yellow belt!

And every student that tested got promoted today. Here they are with the Senseis and Senpais.

So proud of all their hard work!

By the time we got home, Bilal's clean, white gi was coated with frosting from the cupcakes and brownies he ate during the karate Christmas party. So when he insisted to keep his uniform on until bedtime I didn't argue too much. But it's going to take a lot of scrubbing and maybe even bleach to make it look clean again! On the positive side, he finally learned to tie his own belt! He is so thrilled about his new colored belt!


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