Friday, December 2, 2011

Feeling old

We had to keep Bilal home from school today because he was running a fever and had a terrible cough with snot. Just a few days after we finished his third round of antibiotics in 2 months. When will this end?!

After some Tylenol his fever came down and he actually started to feel a lot better. He rode down with me to Birmingham to pick up Hamza. We passed the airport and saw an airplane landing. That prompted a conversation, initiated by my five year old.

Bilal: The biggest plane was built in 1989.
Mama: Really?
Bilal: Yes, it was built by a scientist.
Mama: Um, scientists don't built airplanes, engineers do.
Bilal: But they only had scientists back then. (pause). And a few other people.
Mama: Wow, where did you learn that from?
Bilal: We learn about old times in school.

If 1989 is 'old times' I must be ancient! And maybe it's time to change the curriculum a bit, haha!


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