Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunny Saturday

We started off the day this morning with temperatures in the high 40s, but by the time we were at the field it was a mild and sunny 65 degrees. Not too bad for a game of U-6 soccer. Bilal has been a bit under the weather, with a harsh cough and runny nose, but it didn't stop him from wanting to play today. Safa helped out by taking photos of the event.

We were doing fine until a little over half way into the game until this happened:

No, contrary to what this looks like, Bilal didn't shove an opponent down on to the ground. In fact Safa took this immediately after they accidentally bumped heads, very, very, hard. The little girl on the green team actually fell down because of the impact. Next came the tears for Bilal too.

So Bilal came and sat down for a little while, cuddled with Mama and then announced that he was ready to go back and play the rest of the game. Proud of him!

And the game ended on a positive note, with the ever popular tunnel,

followed by some friendly handshakes.

After the game we stayed back for a soccer clinic where the kids learned some basic skills by playing various games. And after lunch and a break, we headed down to the Cahaba River for a walk.


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