Monday, October 3, 2011

'Owl in the Rain'

My little budding artist!

Kindergarten has opened up a whole new world for Bilal. He is starting to sound out words, his 'sight words' recognition is expanding every day, and he is finally enjoying picture books that are appropriate for beginning readers, the ones that he is starting to read himself, with a little help from Mama, falling back on some sight words, and picture cues.

Of course listening to him try to read is even more fun when he doesn't sound as nasal as he did today. Yup, Bilal is a little under the weather. He has been coughing for about a week, then got more and more congested, and finally I had to check him out this morning because he was running a fever of 102.7. I was thinking that it was about time to start him on antibiotics anyway, so we got a prescription filled, got some chewable Tylenol and headed back to Oneonta from Trussville to finish up clinic. He is actually not feeling as bad as he sounds, with a harsh cough, and gobs of snot; still has a fair appetite and doesn't want to just lie around. But the most devastating blow for him today was telling him that we had to cancel his dental appointment. You don't often see many kids enjoy going to the dentist like my kids do, all of them typically have had no problem, since they were little. But I think today's disappointment for Bilal may have been more about not getting a token to get a goody from their toy dispenser. So when the hygienist gave him a token despite not having had a turn in the chair, he cheered up. Hamza, on the other hand, got his teeth cleaned, and gave his prize to Bilal. Sweet brother!

I think I'll be keeping him out of school tomorrow, to keep a check on his temperature and tanking him up with fluids. I am hoping that after his second dose of antibiotics he'll start to improve. Luckily tomorrow is my day off. Didn't exactly plan to spend it taking care of a sick baby, but that's just what mommies do! A day of snuggling and reading to each other (after my doctor's appointment), and maybe with a little nap squeezed in, sounds perfect to me!


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