Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Activity

Soccer season isn't even over yet, and Bilal has already started something new. He has been begging to start karate ever since a few friends in the after school program started training. So we decided to let him sign up for the program at JIKA. We have committed to a year so I sure hope he sticks with it!

The first class was a bit of a washout; he was clingy, tearful and didn't want to join the class. Typical for him with anything new. But after a while he settled down and joined in the training. He got his gi, and since then has been wearing it almost every day at home, on top of his pyjamas and day clothes, just for fun.

Today he got ready for class with absolutely no hesitation. The excitement was obvious.

Hamza stayed with Bilal at the Dojo, just in case he got upset, while I came home and finished getting dinner ready. But there was no hesitation today, he had a great class, and is already asking when his next one is. So after the last soccer game of the season this Saturday, there will be something more for him to look forward to.

And Safa and Hamza have also decided to start back training again. Let's see if they can stick with it, hopefully school work won't get in the way!


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