Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A lot accomplished

Thankfully Bilal is on the mend, with no fever all day, although he still has a harsh cough and lots of snot. But his appetite is great and he is eager to return to school tomorrow.

And despite having to keep him out of school because of the sickies we managed to do a lot today, both in the house and out. After dropping Hamza off at school I headed to see my ortho for some right shoulder issues, ongoing for the past couple of weeks. I thought he might suggest it was time for surgery, like I had on my left shoulder a couple of years ago, but he suggested conservative treatment and holding off on surgery for now. I like that in a surgeon, someone that is not too eager to cut on you, unless other options have been tried out and failed. So I got a shot in the bursa and am actually feeling a lot better after that. Plus getting surgery on your dominant arm doesn't really sound very desirable. Bilal had to wait for about 2 hours at the doctor's office with me, and was surprisingly patient. I had brought my iPad along to keep him entertained, but instead he preferred to have a very mature conversation about the workings of a shoulder, what you can see when you take an x-ray (and what you can't see), where the muscles are and how joints worked. While we were waiting in the exam room I found a poster of a shoulder's anatomy, and he actually really enjoyed the basic anatomy lesson I gave him with the help of the poster. He was very friendly with the radiographer and very well behaved while I chatted with the doctor.

After the appointment and dropping off some prescriptions for me, I took him for an overdue haircut. And he was perfectly well behaved there too! Then smartypants said, "I've been such a good boy today, can we get lunch from McDonald's?" Haha, there had to be an ulterior motive! But how could I refuse? So I got him a happy meal on the way home. I did let him watch a little bit of TV today, even though it was technically a school day, but I figured a little wouldn't hurt. But after just a little while we were outside, playing with Atlas in the back yard. The weather is gorgeous lately, with cool mornings and beautiful, sunny afternoons. Back inside we had several games of his favorite card game, Too Many Monkeys. Even though it's mostly a game of chance he has this uncanny knack of beating me almost every time we play! No wonder he loves to play it. Bilal is all about winning!

So today was very reminiscent of our 'happy days' as we called the Tuesdays Bilal and I had together before he started kindergarten. And next Tuesday he is out of school for fall break so we get to have another one! Both boys are off on Monday,  but I have to work, so they will be hanging out with me in the office until lunch time. That's also Hamza's birthday, so maybe we can do something a little special for lunch.

Now that we have Christina as our housekeeper/caregiver, a lot more is getting accomplished in the home too. Yes, I caved in and decided we needed more help at home. Especially with all the driving that I have had to do lately. Today we tackled the much neglected pantry. After a thorough cleaning and re-organizing it looks huge again! That is one of the best parts of the kitchen. Gotta love a large pantry!

Tomorrow we fall back into the usual routine, with all three kids back in school, and Zakir and I at work.


Amyacl said...

Glad Bilal is feeling better, and glad you aren't looking at surgery anytime soon!

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