Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last game of the season, and a fun birthday party!

We wrapped up the final soccer game with a couple of pics of the team with their coach.

It was a fun fall season, and I'm glad it ended before the weather got too chilly. It has definitely been a lot cooler this weekend.

In the afternoon I took Bilal to his friend Kendrick's birthday party at the Y. You can see that he had a great time there too!

And there was cake, and lots of it!


Today was a typical Sunday, with a few hours of Sunday School in the morning. The kids had a chance to play outdoors this afternoon, Hamza skinned his knee by falling off his bike... yet again, and Zakir I made a last minute dash to Sam's Club because you just can't have enough candy for Halloween!

Dinner was breakfast... crepes with a choice of orange/blueberry filling, or Zakir's version of caramelized bananas in brown sugar. Delicious, and another recipe to keep. I love breakfast for dinner!


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