Friday, September 16, 2011

Waiting for dinner

The end of what seems like a long week has finally come to an end. The chant started on Tuesday morning, "Is it Friday yet?" But we made it through a rigorous week of work, school and progress reports, and it's finally Friday evening, yay!

And a great way to end the work week. We met some friends at one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Surin 280 for dinner.

Waiting outside while our table for nine was being set:

 Bilal's usual goofy face

And a sweet one with big sister:

I didn't take many pics during dinner, but I did snap this one of my friend's sweet little baby girl:

Doesn't she look like an innocent little doll? She really is precious, but in reality most of the time this is what we got to see:

Running everywhere, with her poor mommy chasing her. She was constantly on the go. You wouldn't guess it when you look at her, but she is full of mischief! I bet her mommy doesn't get a moment's rest at home!


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