Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girl time

Safa and I have trying to make it down to the Birmingham Museum of Art to see the traveling photography exhibit, Who Shot Rock & Roll. We finally managed a trip there on Saturday, just a week before it is scheduled to end. The highlight of the afternoon was the fact that Safa drove all the way to downtown Birmingham, (and back). She is usually reluctant to drive with me because she says I make her nervous. But I have to admit, she did a great job! Of course it helps that she was in the car that is soon to belong to her (of course she already refers to it as 'my car'), and that is the car she has driven on the most so far, since she's been learning. For some reason she doesn't feel as comfortable driving my car. But, but, who couldn't love Hefty?!

Anyway, we made it to Birmingham uneventfully, parked a block or two away, and took a small, but very pleasant walk to the museum.

Of course, photography wasn't permitted inside the exhibit, but I thought the wall of vinyl records outside was pretty impressive.

The exhibit itself was great! So many amazing shots of music stars through the years, taken by famous photographers.

On the way back home we stopped at the Pinnacle to shop for some bargains. It's nice to browse and shop without the boys in tow... sometimes, at least!


Helen Mckenzie said...

Gotta love girl time.
Well done Safa with your driving.
Rachel will try for her Learners next April.

Shannon said...

Fun! I can't wait (sort of...you know!) until Jenny Kate is big enough for girl time. I'm sure it's so much fun!!

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