Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun Weekend in Nashville

We drove to Nashville this Saturday to stay with our cousins and attend a birthday party. It was a short trip, we were only there until about midday on Sunday, but it was definitely worth the drive. We don't get to see Shaheena, Asad and their kids very often (the last time we all met was in St. Louis, two years ago), but we have a great time whenever we meet. Their middle daughter, Amna is just a few months younger than Safa, and they always hit it off really well.

And of course the birthday party was great! A perfectly Pooh themed party for little Ailani.

 Here is the birthday princess with her parents, Fahad and Sameena. Sameena is Zakir's first cousin.

The three tired cake was delicious. Each layer a different flavor, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla

And look at the centerpieces:

How cool that they doubled as goody bags/platters!

And how cute is this little bum?!

And our host family (minus Shaheena, who stayed behind to help her sister clean up after the party).

I'll share more pics soon!


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