Saturday, September 10, 2011

First game of the season

Fall soccer practice started last week and today was the first game of the season. Bilal is in the U-6 division this time, which essentially means four extra minutes per game quarter, otherwise not a lot of difference. Every child on his current team has played at least one season in the past, so at least they have the concept of dribbling the ball and scoring.

This morning the weather was perfect for the first game. Sunny, and in the low 70s. The biggest hurdle was finding parking in the sports complex. This year there are a record 600 players signed up to play during the fall season, so you can imagine that's a lot of cars!

Kick-off was at 10:00am. Zakir was at work, but managed to make it for the start of the game. Before the game, coach game them a little pep talk. It was cute to see them so intent on listening to him (for a change!)

Bilal has already made friends with others on his team:

The entire team before the game. A perfect balance, three boys and three girls. Each child will get to play an equal amount during each game.

And at the end of the game, the tunnel:

Then the teams lined up to shake hands, "Good game!"

Tired, but happy.


Amyacl said...

Adorable! Sebastian's starting soccer this weekend, although at his age they don't have games and each kid gets a ball so no one has to wait around. Looks like Bilal was having a great time.

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