Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Assignment

Since the kids have been mostly home since we got back from our extended vacation, and since Zakir and have been working a lot, we decided the kids should participate more in taking care of the home. Normally we don't give them and allowance; we buy them what need, and usually what they want (within reason, of course). Plus they get gifts of their choice on birthdays and every year on Eid. But this time, since they would be going beyond their usual duties I thought a little monetary incentive would be a good thing. The catch? Teamwork. Just because Safa started a load of laundry it doesn't mean that Hamza shouldn't sort the clothes, or put them away. Kids are expected to work together to vacuum, and dust as needed, also keep their rooms and the kitchen counter clean, without the usual "But I did it this morning, it's Hamza's turn!" or vice versa. We are still working on the concept with Bilal, but he's getting there a bit at a time.

So the kids are happy that they're being paid for household chores (the fact I think they should pull more weight around the house, payment or not, is a non-issue right now), and this afternoon I realized that our little arrangement is paying off (and not just with pocket money for the kids):

Bilal had just finished eating a fish sandwich with ketchup, and wanted to eat one of the cupcakes Miss Vicki had brought by for his birthday. He refused to use the same plate because he said it was dirty because there was ketchup in it, and tried to put it in the sink. And Safa's response? "No, Bilal, half of the plate is clean you can use that. Do you have any idea how many dishes I've washed today?!"

This, coming from a child who will usually drink one sip of water, juice, or any other beverage, and throw the glass in the sink, without a second thought. Score!

Maybe from now on she'll think twice before she piles up her dishes for Mama to wash!


Shannon said...

Awesome!! I'm glad it's working! I was that way with cups too...until I started doing the dishes!

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