Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Settling into school

Bilal is really enjoying school, although he has a tendency to forget specifics about what he did during the day. Thank goodness his teacher sends home a folder with his worksheets, plus draws a face (smiley, straight, frown, etc.) in his agenda book so we would know if he had a bad day. So far all smiley faces! He does once in a while tell me if someone else got an 'oops' note, or if they had their pin moved in class for not doing what is expected of them.

But yesterday I realized how much of an adjustment it really is, for my chatterbox, energetic little guy to follow all the rules in kindergarten. He told me, "You have to stay quiet all the time, like when you walk to after school care, and when you walk to the lunch room. It's hard, it makes my cheeks hurt!" No wonder he lets it all out when he comes home!


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