Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another change

What is this?

Imagine this color, a lot of this color, on the walls, all over your house. The sitting room, the master bedroom, and the vast expanse of the upstairs hallway and the foyer and stairway. That's a lot of pink. In fact, the color matched a paint on the color wheel called 'cherries jubilee'. This is what we've been living with for over eight years. When we bought the house in 2003 we refused to be turned off by the wall color, figuring that we could change it any time we wanted to. Well, eight years later, after building a new sunroom, a patio, repainting all three kids' bedrooms, redoing the kitchen floors and walls, and changing the bathroom from this to this, it was finally time to tackle the delightfully pink walls.

We went back and forth on what colors to do our walls, but one thing was for sure that we want a relatively neutral color. So at long last we wouldn't have to keep buying neutral bedding, furniture, drapes and such, to tone down the walls.

We also had a dull green on the dining room walls, and a very pretty gold-ish color on the guest room/ computer room walls, but were getting sick of the jungle mural that had been painted prior to us moving into this house. So we decided to tackle it all at once. So far I have done all the painting myself, but this project was far too big for me, especially with the two story foyer. This time we hired a team of painters who took care of everything in two days. Definitely worth the expense, not to have to risk my safety climbing up on ladders.

What we settled on was a subtle green in the sitting room and dining room, a shade called 'wheat grass' and a deep cream (called 'compatible cream') in the rest of the house. I'll share pics of the new colors tomorrow, but I have to say, after the painting was complete it felt like we'd moved into a brand new house! Now we are working on picking out new drapes for the bedroom and valances for the sitting room. All our paintings and framed photos still have to go back up on the walls too. So the house is pretty cluttered right now.


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