Friday, July 22, 2011

All together again!

Tuesday night Zakir brought the kids back from Pakistan. Two weeks is plenty of time for us to be split as a family, in fact it's the longest we've ever been separate. It was my first experience ever, living alone for more than a weekend, and Bilal has never been without me, except for a rare evening when Zakir and I may have gone for dinner or a show and missed his bedtime. I was pleased that he did rather well. Of course Safa and Hamza were fine without me there, and that was to be expected. All the kids obviously got spoiled rotten by their grandparents, uncle and aunt, but I suppose that was to be expected too!

While Zakir was gone I had a lot of early mornings, and long walks with Atlas. I had to walk him every day before going to work and before it got too hot for him to be out. And then every evening before I tucked him in for the night. I have to admit the walks were very pleasant (well, except for the scooping poop part), but I am very glad to not have to get up at the crack of dawn knowing that the dog has to be walked. I'll leave that to Zakir now, he's the morning person!

While we were in Pakistan Atlas spent two weeks at the vet's. He was very happy to be back home, but obviously unsettled, probably partly because of the intense heat and partly because of his owner not being home. So he ate very little in the first week he was home with me; maybe about as much in one week as he typically would have in one day. But he remained energetic, and continued to enjoy his walks, so I chalked it down to changes in routine and didn't worry too much about it. IT didn't help much that there was always a rumble or two of thunder in the air, and he is still terrified of storms. One day I came went out for a couple of hours in the evening and the weather got stormt before I got back. While I was driving home I got a call from our business answering service.

"Dr. Mina, I'm so sorry to call you, I know you're not on call, but your neighbor has your dog and doesn't know what to do with him because he's a very big dog!" So I called and talked to my dear neighbor and got the story, reassuring her I'd be there in less than ten minutes. Apparently she'd called my home number and I wasn't home but she didn't have my cell number. So she googled our office and found a telephone number. Since there was no-one in the office she got the answering service number off the machine, and contacted me through them. I wondered how Atlas had managed to get out from the back yard, but figured it was something to do with the temporary fix we had created to prevent him from jumping over the gate. I came home to find my neighbors' kids in the back yard with Atlas, and this:

While I was standing there he showed me what he could do with the hole he punched out:

It put me in a dilemma, I couldn't keep him in the back yard any longer, wasn't quite sure how I could close the hole, and there was no way I wanted to leave him in the crate for ten hours at a time while I was at work. Didn't really want to board him at the vet's again either!

So I called Vicki and asked her if her husband wouldn't mind coming over and covering up the hole temporarily until Zakir came back and replaced the gate. I didn't expect to come home to this the next evening!

I love those guys! Donnie went out of his way to build us a great new gate!

Anyway, by week two Atlas was probably resigned to the fact that it was just me and him from then on. It probably also helped that the weather cooled down several degrees. So he started eating better and was more settled while at home. No more attempts to break down the fence! What he hasn't realized is that if he got a running start he could probably jump over any part of the fence! Let's hope he doesn't read this blog post, ha!

And that's only one of the crazy things that happened while Zakir and the kids were gone. Needless to say, we've figured that I'm the one member of the household that attracts all the drama, we don't have to have a full house for something bizarre to occur!


Amanda (Janelle's Mommy) said...

The pic of Atlas showing you what he could do is priceless!! Best post yet!

mina said...

Amanda, you just like it because Atlas made the blog again ;)

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