Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's wrong about this picture?

Let's see, I can think of several things.

First of all, what's right? The motor cyclist is wearing a helmet. Thinking about safety, that's a good thing.


1. There is a family of four riding a motorbike.
2. There is a girl (don't get confused about the shaved head) riding on the fuel tank of said motorbike.
3. And the adult passenger
  • a. Is not wearing a helmet
  • b. Is not straddling the bike, rather riding with both legs swung to the left of the bike (apparently it is considered unladylike to ride the normal way!)
  • c. Is carrying another baby girl (yup, another shaved head) in her lap, as she is perched ever so daintily on the motorcycle.
What's worse? Chances are that this motorbike passed through several police check posts en route to the place they are visiting (Lakeside Park at the Rawal Dam). And nobody stopped them!!!

Why didn't they get stopped? Probably because the driver is wearing a helmet, duh! He's not breaking the law!


Christina said...

They used to do that all time in Uruguay. One time there we passed 2 people on a little motorbike with a chest of drawers strapped to the back.

Carolina Carters said...

Oh goodness!

Amyacl said...

Wow. That's about all I can say!

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