Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I love about Pakistan

There is color everywhere! The clothes, the pottery, the culture in general. There is just so much color!

We went to a cultural festival/ exhibition, where there were artisans from all over the country, demonstrating their skills and selling their products. And between the booths there were traditional dancers and singers representing different regions of Pakistan.

These dishes have hand etched patterns on them:

And the artist that made these:

 Wood handiwork:

And artwork created by the same artists that paint entire trucks. Hopefully we'll be able to snap a picture of one actually driving on the road, and share it:

I loved these hand painted oil lamps, I actually bought one:

Purses, wall hangings, bedspreads and a variety of other traditional products:

And a dancer demonstrated some Sindhi folk dancing and singing. It was great to watch:

Another singer. See the detailed mirror work on his jacket?

I'll have more to share soon!


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