Saturday, June 4, 2011


We almost have all our suitcases packed for our trip with a day to spare, yay! That means I'll be able to spend most of tomorrow tying up loose ends around the house, finishing what's left of the laundry, and a little bit of cleaning. I don't expect Zakir to make much of a mess during his two weeks at home by himself, but I also don't expect him to do much cleaning while we're gone, ha!

We have a little over a nine hour layover in Chicago on Monday (the next connection would have barely left an hour between flights, a little too close for comfort). So as I type this Safa is checking the weather forecast there. Apparently today has been wrought with thunderstorms and hail. Monday has a 40% chance of thunderstorms. Well, I suppose if we are facing rain and storms we might just spend the entire nine hours inside the airport, instead of heading downtown. Boring, but at least we'll be dry!

And since I'm so behind in blogging the details of our crazy busy life I am finally sharing the photos from our Georgia Aquarium trip with Bilal, Nana and Nani, the day that we dropped them off at the airport.

Outside the aquarium:

 And inside:

Some amazing sea creatures:

And I love the beluga whales, they're so graceful!

 Love that cheeky grin!

 And a bit of the Atlanta skyline in the background:


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