Monday, June 20, 2011

Lazy days.......

It's pretty evident, I haven't blogged in several days. We have been mostly lying around, since it's too hot to go out much. We've had a couple of rain showers that temporarily cooled down the weather, but then the humidity becomes a problem. Safa and I hit a few local boutiques and have bought some outfits to wear, but I think we won't really do a lot until Zakir is here, later this week. I don't drive in Pakistan (Zakir does; he grew up driving here), so we are at the mercy of the driver to take us where we want to go, and it's something I am having a hard time getting used to. A chauffeur, whoa!

Another excuse for not posting on the blog is that I got sick a couple of nights back. Like, really sick. Some nasty stomach bug. It took me a couple of days to get over it and today is actually the first day that I feel like myself. No more feeling weak and wanting to sleep all the time, no more fever, and my appetite is back to normal. Such a blessing that the kids haven't caught it, and I'm hoping that it stays that way. We have to be very cautious about the water we drink, at home the drinking water gets filtered and boiled to get rid of infectious organisms, or we drink bottled water. Diseases such as Giardia and other parasites are endemic.

My dear cousin Tahira spent a week with us in Islamabad. She is my cousin, but she is actually the sister I never had. We are very close, and lived in the same house for about 8 years while we were growing up. She brought her younger two kids with her to visit; Rehan is 9 an Aamna is 14. Even with a bit of a language barrier the kids got along very well. It was sad to see them leave, but we have resolved to talk on the phone as often as possible.

The cousins with Tahira:

Zakir should be leaving Birmingham Tuesday morning. And with about 36 hours from door to door (that includes layovers), and the ten hour time difference, he should arrive here about 3am on Thursday morning. Farah is also visiting Pakistan; she is staying with her in-laws in Lahore right now. So they plan to be here tomorrow. It will be so much fun with all the kids in the house; a fifteen year old, a twelve year old,a four year old, two year old, one year old and a baby 17 days old. I have a feeling that we won't get a chance to be together with the grandparents very often. Can't wait to see my favorite little nephews Mobeen and Mohsin again!


Amyacl said...

So glad you are staying cool and enjoying time with family!

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