Friday, June 10, 2011


Seriously? Still?! I thought a couple of nights would straighten things out after arriving in Islamabad, but there we are, all four of us, sitting up at 4 in the morning every day, waiting for the rest of the world (at least on this side of the world) to wake up. We have tried to go to bed early, we have tried to go to bed late. But nobody is sleeping past 4 am. So to compensate for the lack of sleep I have tried to get the kids down for a short nap after lunch. Yesterday and today I tried to wake Bilal up at four in the afternoon. After all, there are still some times when he might nap until 4 even when he's at home. But waking him up is like pulling teeth. He moans, and he groans, thrashes around, cries some, sits up and lies back down again. The whole process took an extra hour on both days. Finally I managed to get him out of bed with a combination of threats and bribes, but by then it was closer to five in the evening. And Safa didn't even realize that I had tried to awaken her about four times before I managed to get her up at 6:15pm. I didn't take a nap this afternoon, because I am soooo ready to allow my body to adjust to the ten hour time difference. But if the kids are up at four am again tomorrow I'm sure I'll regret it. Actually, the only problem is when Bilal wakes up. The others can lie in bed quietly and at least try to sleep, but Bilal will make noises, bug his brother, announce that he's either hungry or thirsty until he's made sure that I'm wide awake.

Yesterday we went to the Pakistan Monument in Islamabad. Pictures soon to follow. Today we were thinking of going somewhere; a park, the zoo, or something similar, but we ended up not doing any of those things. When it's triple digits by 10 am we prefer to stay at home. Even the kids were fine with that. Although I hear it's also been close to that temperature in Alabama since we left. It also seems strange to not have Zakir here, we're so used to visiting Pakistan together. Maybe we'll actually do some sightseeing after he's here. Another 12 or so days to go! Overall the kids are still enjoying the time they are spending with their uncle, aunt, and grandparents, even if it's mostly at home.


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