Tuesday, June 7, 2011

En Route

So our journey to Pakistan has begun. Two flights down and one more to go. We took a flight from Birmingham to Chicago, then after a long layover and a trip to downtown Chicago (just for the heck of it) we boarded air Airbus 340 that brought us to Abu Dhabi. Almost 14 hours on the plane was quite tiring. Who knew that sitting in one place for so long could wear you out so much?! Thankfully the kids rested some (since it was technically a red eye flight for us), and I kinda sorta dozed off and on while Bilal slept with his feet in my lap. Watched a ton of movies though! Hats off to the nice personal in-flight entertainment systems on Etihad Airways, even on economy class. It helped the time pass a little easier. And the flight attendants kept us stocked up with water and snacks.

The kids at Birmingham Airport with Baba, right before we said our goodbyes

Safa getting a head start on her required summer reading. Yes, it's true. Homework already!

In Chicago, at the airport:

And Bilal's travel buddy, Blackie. It's a pillow, it's a pet!

Very useful in the plane, and Blackie was also perfect for him to carry his blankie and his special stuffed toy elephant, Fuzzy, around.

And now, waiting at the gate for our next flight out. Tired, but glad to be nearly done with our journey.

We are so excited that the kids will get to meet their brand new baby cousin in Islamabad. Leena is only a couple of days old!


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