Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring Choir Performance

Safa's final performance was on Tuesday night. We all went to attend. She has a solo speaking part in it. This is the biggest group of people she has spoken in front of , but she delivered her lines without any hint of nervousness. So proud of her!

The next event is Hamza's Spring band concert, which is next week. The school year is winding down, and they mostly have finals and projects due in the next week or two. the consensus seems to be that students from Safa's school will not have to make up the 4-5 days of school missed due to the recent tornadoes. That's a relief, because it was about to encroach on our long awaited trip to Pakistan!

It's hard to believe Abbu and Choti Ammi have been here for a week already. Time is flying by so fast!


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