Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And..... I'm back!

I haven't had a chance to blog lately, we've been quite busy, but I thought I should catch up at least somewhat. So, this post will be about Pensacola Beach. We took Abbu and Choti Ammi down to visit Farah and Co. this past weekend, and spent the better part of Saturday at the beach. Get prepared for photo overload!

We bought fresh (hopefully) local seafood, and ate at the beach.

The water was a bit choppy, but still safe enough for the children to play. The sand was white and the weather perfect.

 The waves were just right for some boogie boarding. Hamza had a blast!

 Aren't those just the cutest little pudgy baby feet?

 And I love this pic:

Everything is good when Daddy is there, holding your hand.

And who is this dude?

You can't see the front of his shirt, but does the color look familiar? Who else would be roaming around on the beach fully dressed, with a net? Obviously not a tourist. Yup, it's the BP guy. There were actually several, scouring the beaches to check for tar balls that may have washed in on the waves. Maybe they really do care.

 Who knows?


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