Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our weekend, and an update

After weeks of constantly being on the go we finally have a less hectic weekend to enjoy. Yesterday evening we went shopping with the kids, had our usual Friday dinner out and that was all. Today we also started off rather slow. Zakir dropped the car off for servicing in the morning, Hamza spent a couple of hours at a friend's house working on a school project and we made a few trips to local stores to pick up a few things. Aside from that we were mostly home. We spent plenty of time outdoors, with perfect weekend weather, and after tucking Bilal in for the night Safa, Hamza and I had a game of Phase 10. No running around on the soccer field, no math tournaments, and no debate meets. Goodness, we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves!

It was nice to have two fresh home cooked meals today, which hasn't been happening very often on the weekends lately. Zakir made Pad Thai for lunch, and we had buttermilk pancakes with strawberries for dinner. Yum!

Yesterday while walking around the yard Safa and I came a cross some things that I am convinced were definitely not from our neighborhood. I haven't seen any significant damage such as loss of roof shingles, or torn out walls in our area, but this is some of what we found:

 Broken shingles

Insulation, and miscellaneous construction material

Considering items from Tuscaloosa have been found as far as 150 miles east of the city, I suppose this isn't very surprising.

The more pictures of the damage I see, the more blessed I feel that we have been spared any damage from the devastating storms. The loss of lives is close to 300, but sadly, this is likely to rise. And property damage is in the billions. There are still many people without power. As of yesterday afternoon there were still 19 Jefferson County schools without power, and some of those were impassable to school buses, so school closings have already been announced for Monday also. Safa is starting to get anxious now; there is still much of the curriculum to cover and review to be completed before her final exams later in May. Can't do much of that unless school is in session! I have encouraged her to do as much review as she can while she is at home so that she will be better prepared for her finals when schools finally re-open.

On a happier note, here are a few pics of the kids in the yard from last weekend:

And with the puppy:


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