Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's all a blur!

The weekend was so busy (again) that we can hardly tell when last week started and this one began!

Friday night we took the boys to Red Robin for dinner.

Do you see Bilal's tongue sticking out while he is coloring? It's genetic! It's exactly what his dad and grandfather do when they are concentrating on something. And hey don't even realize!

Saturday started out with Trussville clean-up in honor of Earth Day. I was supposed to go with Hamza to pick up trash around the city, but with so many other things going on Zakir just dropped him off with his team and went straight to Oneonta to make rounds at the hospital. And at 9:30 Bilal and I went to the soccer filed for his game. And what a game! I don't think Bilal has ever scored as many times as he did during this one! It was so cute watching him pump his arm and high five his coach every time he scored. I was too busy cheering him on to take pictures, but I did get a couple, especially one of the famous tunnel:

The kids' favorite part of the game is when all the parents get together and the players run beneath the tunnel they create, again and again and again!

After soccer, Zakir brought Hamza back home and I immediately got ready to go to a baby shower. Our friend and fellow heart mom Laura is having another precious baby girl.

After the shower I came home and took a brief break before Zakir, the boys and I drove down to Prattville for the APPNA Alabama spring meeting and CME event. The main theme was the discussion of starting up a medical clinic to provide free health care to uninsured and underinsured patients in Alabama. What an exciting thought! The keynote speaker was Dr. Maqsood Patel, a cardiologist who is currently operating one such clinic in Tampa, Florida.

By the time we got back home it was past 11pm.

I took Hamza to Sunday School in the morning, which Zakir caught up on some work at home. then in the afternoon he picked him up while I worked on lunch. Later I took the boys to pick Safa up from the airport. First we hung out for a little while, watching the planes.

 Safa's plane:

Bilal was so excited to see Safa that he wouldn't let go of her hand!He had admitted several times that he really missed her.

This week I worked on Tuesday again. I am so spoiled having been part-time for so long that when I work on Tuesdays I am really for the weekend on Wednesday. This morning it felt that it should surely be Thursday already! I have a feeling I won't be working many Tuesdays. I have none scheduled for the rest of this month and only one in May.

Boy, am I ready for the weekend already!


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