Thursday, March 31, 2011

And finally, Day 2 in Orlando

The second park we visited was Universal Studios.

We had to make sure that this time around Hamza really was tall enough for all the rides, ha!

Safa and Hamza enjoyed the Men in Black ride, but Bilal wasn't quite sure. I guess all the rapid spinning was a bit much for him.

And here are a couple more sights from around the theme park:

The Blues Brothers Show was quite enjoyable. They had the entire crowd singing along with them

And especially for Bilal we made a visit to see Barney.

 See the excitement on his face?

Just as at the Islands of Adventure there were many things that Bilal did not get a chance to do. But he still managed to have a lot of fun. And Safa and Hamza enjoyed coaster after coaster.

Including the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, the one roller coaster that even I refused to ride:

The drops just looked too darn steep for me. But they loved it, and would have ridden it again if they had had the time.


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