Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Choir performance

As I've mentioned before, Safa took Beginning choir as an elective in school this year. So she has been preparing Christmas Carols since August for one concert this past Tuesday night. The venue was a very grand church.

I drove Safa and her friend to the church for the concert. That, in itself was a comedy of errors. I left the GPS in the minivan for Zakir, who was going to bring the boys a bit later (concert started at 6:30pm), and Safa was scheduled to be at the church at 5:45, to pick up her robe and get seated in time. I posted the directions into the body of an email and sent it to myself so I could refer to it when we were headed there. Well, by the time we left the house it was a bit later than we planned, thanks to Safa's friend getting a ponytail tangled up in her hair. And the fact that I spent a couple of minutes outside in the dark tackling the dog hunting for my missing camera. We all know how that ended!

As we got off the interstate Safa started to read the directions on my phone. Then suddenly, poof! The emailed disappeared. Just disappeared! So here we are, already running late, with no idea which way to go. I called Zakir, who checked Dudley (yes, our GPS has a name) and told us where to turn. By then we realized we had already missed the turn. So back we went, another mile or so in the opposite direction and took the correct turn. By then I had forgotten if Zakir had told me to turn left or right at the next road. So I called Zakir back (he was on the road by then), and he had to pull over to get me the details of where I should go. Meanwhile I made a lucky guess, and managed to turn in the correct direction to get to the church. I dropped Safa and Sarah off at the entrance (at 6pm), parked the car and joined them inside. Zakir made it with the boys, and we all got seated while Safa got ready to perform.

The choirs performed well. Since we were seated far back in the balcony I was not able to get a good picture, but you get the idea:

At least I got a couple of pics of the girls after the performance.

Tonight is Hamza's concert; he's performing in the Middle School Symphonic Band. I bought him a nice pair of dress pants and black shoes that fit well. The school provided the tuxedo jacket, which is waaayyy oversized, because apparently by the time it was Hamza's turn to receive one, all the small ones had been taking. We bought a shirt, vest and tie through the school. The shirt (mens' extra small) is very big on my small built twelve year old. Can't do much there. The vest and tie, which had also been ordered almost two months ago, had not got delivered to the school as of today. So Hamza will be performing in the concert looking a little swamped in his huge suit, minus the vest and tie. Not exactly how I pictured him, wearing a tuxedo for the first time, but he still looks nice. And as Hamza astutely stated today, "I play better than I look". I have heard him play his trumpet, and I know he performs very well, but I think he would have felt more confident if he were wearing a suit that actually fit him well. Still, I am looking forward to the concert.


Amyacl said...

I say this every time, but Safa looks so grown up! I hope Hamza's performance went well too.

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