Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Unexpected

Days three and four at the parks was supposed to be a trip to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Day five would have been Disney's Animal Kingdom or Epcot, and we were planning to head home the same day, with the plan to be home somewhere late, late Thursday night. But as we all know, things don't always go according to plan, especially when you add three kids into the mix.
Safa was quite sick on the way down to Orlando, coughing, achy, stuffy nose, etc. And if you pack five people in a minivan for nine hours, chances are that viruses will recirculate. And recirculate, and eventually infect someone else. Within day 2 of being in Orlando Hamza started to feel sick. It started with a cough which steadily got worse, then fever, body aches, the whole viral syndrome. Safa started to feel better, although her cough was still pretty bad.

Obviously Bilal was the next to get sick. He threw up once before breakfast the day we visited the Magic Kingdom. But we figured it was reflux, gave him some Prevacid and headed out. If you can see from the pictures in the previous post, he was also starting to look a little puny. I gave him some Tylenol, he started to feel better. For all of those who know our little Mr. B, it takes very little to make him puke. He ate a few bites of lunch, and puked. We cleaned everything up the best we could. Then less than an hour later he puked again. Started running a fever also. So we had to leave the park.

By then Hamza was also starting to feel a lot worse. His cough became almost constant. We kept on tanking him up with cough medicine, which helped for a couple of hours, and then would wear off. Personally I don't like giving the kids symptomatic medications. I prefer to give them some honey, plenty of fluids, let them rest and take some time to recuperate. Unfortunately that pace doesn't work when you're on vacation.

So we spent several hours in the hotel room recharging, ate dinner and tried to head back to Disney for a little while. But we didn't spend very long at the park before Hamza started feeling a lot worse.

And the photos on this post are of the boys Tuesday morning. Both running a fever and neither wanting to get out of bed. So we made the difficult decision to leave everything and come home. Fortunately the hotel was willing to cancel our next two nights with no penalty. So within two hours we were packed and headed home. Hamza and Bilal didn't care, but Safa was really torn about having to leave early. We lost a one day Disney park admission, because it will expire in 2 weeks, but we have held on to our Universal tickets to use at a later date.

And by 9 pm on Tuesday night, we were home.

Wednesday morning both boys were still sick, although Bilal did not run a fever. Hamza was out of bed for only 2 hours in the entire day. Zakir has been 'Lysol'ing the house like a maniac. You should see him chase those viruses around with the can in his hand, haha!

Praying for the sickies to leave our home soon!


Shannon said...

OH NO!!!!!

That's terrible! :( I sure hope everyone is feeling MUCH better soon. I'm so disappointed for you all! I hope you had some fun at the parks you were able to go to and that you can go back to Universal before too long. :(

Wodzisz Family said...

I am praying the bugs get out of the house soon! I hate the way they spread so makes for craziness. I am glad you had some fun while you were there and I hope you will be able to get back someday soon.

The Smith's said...

Oh Mina, I'm sorry your trip was cut short and your kiddo's are sick! No fun and I hope everyone is feeling better SOON!

Stefenie said...

Now that's truly the pits to get sick on such an amazing vacation you had planned. Poor kiddos!!! Hope everyone is on the mend very soon!

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