Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our 'other' family

Along with 22 credit hours of continuing medical education this weekend we also had our office Christmas party last night, which we hosted at our house this year. Thanks to Tammy who was photographer for the evening; I really didn't have time to take out my camera.

I barely made it home in time to host my own party; I pulled into the house just after 6pm. By then the guests had already started arriving. And of course it took a little while to get the food organized in a presentable manner. Overall we had a great turnout, missing only a couple of spouses and kids.

This is Yolanda with her hubby:

And Lisa with her husband:

Tammy's gang

Pat and her husband. Pat was the first person to join our practice. Four years later she's still putting up with us, haha!

This is Denise's family, plus a nephew, minus her husband, who was out of town:

And for the finale, Safa took a picture of all of us crammed into the stairwell. She tried to take a video of us trying to squeeze in, but the SD card ran out of memory. By the time she replaced the card we had managed to squeeze into place. Trust me, the video would have been hilarious. But we all manged to fit!

And the evening was a blast! We are so fortunate that we work with a great group of folks!


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