Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only two days left........ Ticker
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........ until we head to Orlando, for our Disney vacation. As I write this it is 44 degrees in Orlando, but there is a warm up in the forecast as far as I can tell. Zakir thinks it's good, cooler temperatures might mean smaller crowds. But I don't think that's how it works at Disney. If school is out it's going to be crowded. But we are prepared for that. Zakir and I went to Disney in February, a year before Safa was born. There were no lines; we would get off a ride and go right back for another turn. We didn't stop for the parades; we weren't interested in meeting the characters. When you don't have kids you don't really care about those things. Now we want to pace ourselves, so that Bilal can meet his favorite characters and that Safa and Hamza specifically get to do the things they enjoy, even if it means splitting up once in a while. So our focus has shifted a bit.

Last night I took two empty suitcases out of the attic to pack for the trip. Today I actually dusted them off and put away a few items. I have a feeling we'll be doing most of the packing at the last minute. Tomorrow we are scheduled for a busy day at work, and I am chaperoning Hamza and the HTMS band to the elementary school for a full day of performances on Friday. Then we leave that same afternoon. So exciting!


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