Monday, December 6, 2010

Seventh Grade Field Trip

OK, so I'm blogging waayyyyy in the wrong order, but here are some random photos from the Hamza's field trip in November. I chaperoned five boys on the field trip to Atlanta and it was actually quite a pleasant experience. The boys were well behaved and courteous, and followed my directions to a T. First stop, the Atlanta Zoo.


Did you notice the elephant? It obviously wasn't interested in posing for the picture!

Timon's long lost cousin from Africa. The meerkat was really working the camera.

The Southern ground hornbill:

And doesn't the red panda have the cutest little face?

Next, we went to the CNN Center, where we had a chance to tour the studios. Photography isn't allowed inside the studios, but this one of Hamza is inside the CNN Center.

You can see part of a big globe in the background. Through the globe is passing the longest freestanding escalator in the world. That is the one you take to enter the studio tour.


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