Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"The Dog ate my homework!"

No, it's worse.

The dog ate my camera. No, seriously. He chewed on it, damaged the screen, shredded my custom made strap and basically rendered it useless. The battery compartment doesn't even close properly. It was my little 'point and shoot' Canon, that almost always stays in my pocket. Now there lies the problem. It was in my pocket as usual. I was running around outside with Atlas, and somehow or other my left leg made contact with his head. It felt like I'd run into a boulder (and today I have the bruise to prove it), and I stumbled and nearly fell. Well, apparently the impact knocked the camera out of my pocket, and I didn't realize at the time. Later I went looking for it, but it was too dark. I figured if I had dropped it in the yard it would have to deal with the elements overnight, and we'd find it in the morning. What we didn't take into consideration was that the camera had a bigger problem than the elements, and that, of course, was Atlas. So when I went looking after I came home this evening I found it lying in the yard, next to our veggie patch. It turns on to where I can view the photos on the SD card, but that's about it. Plus the screen has been seriously damaged.

You have to know this dog to believe that he can do the damage he does. Otherwise look at him, so deceptively innocent and sweet!

He always has that "Who, me?" look on his face. And this, ladies and gentleman, was the last photo I took with my now deceased camera. Quite fitting, isn't it?

I really can't do without my camera, so we went out to Sam's today, and found a great deal on another one. Thanks to credit card points it didn't cost a single penny out of pocket, so at least that softened the blow a bit. So I have another little Canon (same charger, same lithium battery, and quite similar in its features). The learning curve won't be too bad.

Some day I may splurge and get a nice SLR (of course, then I'll actually have to learn how to shoot photos properly). But for now, if the camera fits in my pocket it works for me. Of course, from now on I'll make sure my pocket is zipped up when I'm running around in the yard!


Shannon said...

Oh no!! You can't convince that adorable face destroyed your camera! :)

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