Friday, December 3, 2010

Choir, Band, and other snippets of news

Only two more weeks before we drive to Orlando for our Disney vacation, it's getting hard to wait! Of course, before we go there are several extremely busy days coming up. Zakir is on call this weekend, which will be his last weekend call for 2010, and I hope it's an uneventful one. I was slammed last weekend, with several admissions, and being on call for four days straight instead of three was also more tiring. Plus the phone calls kept coming, so I didn't get much sleep while I was on call. But I only have two weekday calls in December; I've paid my dues for the year already!

Safa has her Beginning Choir performance on Tuesday. She got placed in choir by default this year since all other electives had been taken, but she has actually enjoyed it, and is thinking of maybe continuing next year. I've never really thought of her to be one to sing in public, so this should be interesting. The Hewitt Trussville band performance is on Thursday evening (thank goodness we didn't end up with a clash in schedules), and Hamza will be performing in the HTMS Symphonic Band. I'll get to see my boy in a tuxedo, can't wait!

Then, on to another busy weekend after that. Hamza is taking the ACT on Saturday morning (the 11th), through Duke University's Talent Identification Program (TIP). Safa took it when she was in seventh grade, and did rather well, scoring a 21. Safa has a Math tournament that day, and I have an all day medical conference to attend. Then in the evening we will host our office Christmas party at home, but this time we've decided to have the food catered. I guess Zakir will have to spend the day cleaning house, haha! Then on Sunday I go back for day #2 of the medical conference. Plus Safa and Hamza both have tests coming up this week, and finals the following week. Normally they would walk with other members of the karate Dojo, in the Trussville Christmas parade, but this time the 11th is already booked full, so this year we will have to pass on it.

But if all goes according to plan we'll soon be headed to Orlando for our much awaited and looooong overdue vacation, yay!

And here are some more pics from Thanksgiving weekend when we had the nephews over:

We took them to the mall, mostly because there wasn't much else to do and we were nearing nap time. The carousel is always a hit.

It really didn't take long to wear out the babies.

The following day we went to Red Robin for lunch.

And here's Bilal, refusing to look at the camera:

With a little planning we might be able to see the babies again some time over the winter break.


Amyacl said...

That's quite a busy schedule! Good thing you have a vacation soon - sounds like you'll need it!

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