Sunday, November 7, 2010

The twelve hour bug??

Agenda for Saturday, November 6, 2010, The Khan Household

Mina on call (all weekend), which meant making rounds at the hospital in Oneonta in the morning
Safa to be at a debate tournament in Homewood 7am-5pm
Hamza to be driven to Decatur, AL for a math tournament 6am-4pm
Zakir scheduled for a medical conference 8am-5pm
Mina schedule for medical conference 8am-5pm
Mina and Zakir: dinner plans 5:30-8pm
Mina and Zakir: Broadway show 'Fiddler on the Roof' 8pm-11pm
The entire family: A large dinner party/CME 7pm-10:30pm (Zakir had forgotten about these plans when he bought tickets for the play).

It's obvious if this was charted out on a diagram that there would be a HUGE amount of overlap! Too much to be humanly accomplished. And to add to the mix Bilal who started running a fever about noon and looked quite puny. One dose of Tylenol and 2 hours later he still had a fever. No other symptoms. No cough, no runny nose, no earache, just a fever, and a little bit of a headache. So out came the Motrin. About an hour later he was feeling much better.

Anyway compromises were made, and we managed to maintain our sanity, (but barely). Safa opted out of her debate tournament and we didn't take the family to the APPNA dinner/CME event.

The day ended up something like this:

6am: Mina drops Hamza off with another student, so his mom can take them both to Decatur. Mina goes straight to the hospital to make rounds after that.
7:30am: Zakir wakes up Safa (who incidentally has been coughing her lungs up for the past several days and has an extremely hoarse voice), to watch Bilal, while he drives to Birmingham for the conference.
8:15am: Mina drives to Birmingham from Oneonta for the conference.
10:30am: Mina drives home after the first two lectures. Enough!
1pm: Zakir leaves the conference after lunch and decides not to attend the post-lunch sessions
3-5pm: Mina spends time stressing about leaving two sick kids at home for dinner and theater. Calls Vicki and talks to Zakir about it, who reassure her and plans stay on track. Dinner and dessert cooked for the kids.
4pm: Mina picks Hamza up from a nearby shopping center, while Zakir tackles a teaspoon of Motrin into Bilal's tummy.
5-5:30pm: Mina barely has enough time to shower and get ready.
5:30pm: Mina and Zakir leave, with Bilal feeling a bit better and excited about Vicki being there, and Safa still coughing her head off.
6-7:30pm: Mina and Zakir have a delicious dinner at McCormick and Schmick. A quick check in with the kids who are doing fine. Phew!
8-11pm: Fiddler on the Roof, an awesome production of a Broadway Musical.
11:30pm: Mina and Zakir come home to a peaceful house with the kids asleep, thanks to Vicki :)

This morning Bilal was up a little later than usual, which is great, since we had turned the clocks back, but still much too early for a weekend. The good news is, he's feeling fine. The fever seems to have gone and no other symptoms evolved. Woohoo! But what kind of virus lasts just long enough to get a mother stressed out about leaving her kids for plans that were made almost two months ago?! That is a seriously cruel joke!

Today all is well in the Khan Household (except Safa is still coughing and has a headache). Zakir is headed out to Hoover to drop the kids off at Sunday School, and I am headed to the hospital.


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