Tuesday, November 9, 2010


As we are preparing for our trip to Disney in December I have been spending some time browsing websites and looking for books that might help us get the most out of the trip. We have two kids, of course, who are closer in age so you'd expect them to enjoy the same kinds of attractions, rides, etc. But Hamza is more of a thrill seeker, and Safa prefers to stay more grounded. She really doesn't care for roller coasters and fast rides. And then we also have to take into account we will be traveling with a four year old who will not be able to go on certain rides due to height restrictions, and probably wouldn't be interested in going on fast rides anyway. So we have to find something for everyone to enjoy. With some good planning that shouldn't be too hard.

What didn't even cross my mind was another type of restriction, which has nothing to do with his height. Until today. This morning I saw someone's status on facebook mention that their child could not go on certain rides because of their heart. There is a vast number of different heart defects, and some are associated with higher risks of arrythmias that others, so it is conceivable that certain children may be limited from activities that might increase the chance of such an event. We have not thought of limiting Bilal from any sort of activity; he has lived as any heart healthy child since his open heart surgery four years ago. But the teeniest doubt did cross my mind today as I read that status update. So I picked up the phone and called our PC's office. I got a call back from one of the nurses within a couple of hours and was given the assurance that Bilal truly has NO restrictions at this time in his life. Of course I knew this already, but it bothered me that it even crossed my mind. Can't I tell how well my child is doing? That energy, those rosy cheeks. A sign that things are going great. Heck, you can barely even see the scar on his chest! It's kind of like when you schedule your child's follow up appointment and start to get anxious as the appointment date approaches. There's really no logic behind that stress, but it's there. Maybe it's just part of being a heart parent. Maybe it will always be a part of me. Perhaps some day that extra vigilance will pay off!

Today's temperature peaked at a warm 75 degrees, not bad! Bilal and I started the morning off with jackets on, as we ran through our usual Tuesday errands, and then were in short sleeves by about 10:30. We spent a lot of time in the back yard today, swinging, sliding, and running around with the puppy.

Even though it was as high as 75 degrees today we have had our first couple of days of frost in the mornings, which means our confederate rose is no longer going to bloom for the rest of the year. Instead, it's just going to wither away and die. This year we didn't see the first bloom until the last week of October, which is very late, but in the past couple of weeks the plant has become covered with buds, so I was hoping that the first frost might hold off for a little while. We've only seen a handful of flowers.

Looks pretty sad, doesn't it?


Shannon said...

I'm glad you got the "all clear" from the PC for Bilal to do whatever in Disney. That's great! I'm glad you mentioned that, b/c I'm not sure I would have thought about it. (Not that we're going to Disney anytime soon, but I'd love to go within the next few years.) It's definitely something to keep in mind. I can't wait to read all about your trip!

Our plants are starting to look like that too...sad! :)

J Letcher said...

Enjoy your trip! We were told by our cardiologist that our daughter would never be able to go on any kind of ride where the G-force might pull blood away from the heart. We will probably enjoy vacations that will be a bit more...relaxing! :)

Amyacl said...

I've wondered about the rides myself - Sebastian went on kiddie rides in Ocean City this summer, but nothing more strenuous than that. We'll be discussing that issue with his doctors before he's old enough for the big kid rides.

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