Friday, November 19, 2010


With Bilal and Safa now on the mend, Zakir has had to start antibiotics for a sinus infection. I too, have had a sore throat and felt crummy for a few days, but nothing like the kids were, and I am already starting to feel better with just a few doses of Tylenol and some sore throat lozenges. So with all the sickness making its rounds through our home does it mean that life has come to a standstill? Heck no! This is the Khan Household of course, there's always something going on. Last Friday I chaperoned Hamza's field trip to Atlanta, to the zoo and the CNN Center. The trip photos will follow soon, I promise. And on the weekend we tackled Safa's room. We painted her room a different shade of blue a couple of weeks ago, and this weekend was our first ever experience hanging wallpaper. I have done wallpaper borders before, like in Bilal's room:

This is of course, from before he moved into his 'big boy' bed.

So in Safa's room we went from this cute setup which we did a couple of years after moving to this house:

To a much more mature this:

Hanging wallpaper wasn't too hard once we got the hang of it, but I'm glad Safa only wanted to do a single accent wall. She has picked up a lot of picture frames to make a photo collage on the other wall and she should have time this weekend to work on that. I can't wait to see the end result!


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