Thursday, October 28, 2010

The kids stay at home!

Zakir and I have started going to Publix for grocery shopping on Wednesday nights. On occasion we'll take one child with us, otherwise all three will stay at home. We choose Wednesdays because we can take advantage of the Publix 'mystery item' deals. The store is usually less crowded, and we have plenty of time to sift through coupons and browse for good deals; and it still takes less time to complete our trip. With the kids at home and fed (we always go after dinner) we can take our time, and even read labels when we need to. Having our stomachs full also leads to less temptation. Trust me, it works! We usually end up saving a ton of money using their 'buy one, get one free' deals, using coupons that double in value and choosing supermarket brands when reasonable.

Yesterday by the time I brought the kids home it was almost 5pm. Safa and I immediately went upstairs to sort through the junk she had tossed out of her room while we were painting and rearranging furniture. That took quite a while. Zakir surprised us by coming home a little earlier than usual. Supper didn't get made. So we decided to go out and grab a bite. That has become quite rare for us, eating out is usually something we do on weekends. After dinner we headed straight to Publix to pick up groceries, with the kids in tow. Big mistake! The boys didn't want to be there. They ran up and down the aisles, pointing imaginary guns and yelling PSHOW! PSHOW! and sticking their fingers into each other. I finally managed to separate them and outlawed the pretend fighting, which kept the peace for a while. But then the requests started, (granted it was only Bilal, not Hamza this time). "Can we get popsicles?" "No hon, we've got plenty of ice cream at home". "Can we get yellow drinks?" (Those are yogurt smoothies). "No, Bilal, there are still some in the fridge". "Can we get this candy?" This is while he carried a huge bag of candy and threw it in the shopping cart. "No dear, we already bought enough for Halloween". This went on for a while until I finally sent the boys to the car under the supervision of big sister, and we managed to finish going through the remaining aisle in peace.

Now I remember why we stopped taking the kids to the grocery store! Next time I am not taking them with me!


Amyacl said...

Grocery shopping with Armand and without the kids sounds wonderful - unfortunately it will be about 10 years at least until we're there...

Shannon said...

I love Publix, and I LOVE going alone! :) I'm sure adding three to the mix makes it a whole lot more difficult!

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