Friday, October 15, 2010

Just look at that face!

Evidently Bilal's been busy 'helping' Mama make cake for Hamza's birthday dessert, because that happens to be cake batter on that cute little face!

And here's a cleaner, but just as cute looking Bilal. There's that cheeky grin again!

So what's going on this weekend? We are going down to Mobile for a short visit with the nephews, yay! We are also going to try and squeeze one day in at the beach, since we didn't really get a chance to go this year. If we wait any longer it will get too cool to enjoy. We are already experiencing chilly mornings although it does warm up to near 80 degrees most afternoons. We plan to head out today as soon as Hamza comes home from school. Gotta get packing!


Shannon said...

I love food face pictures! Bilal is so adorable. Have fun in Mobile!

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