Friday, October 22, 2010

How big is Atlas?

He's high-jantic! (That, by the way, is my absolute favorite Bilal word).

When we first got our Great Pyrenees puppy he was six months old, and a mere 72 pounds. He still looked huge when compared to our three year old. Six months later he is weighing in at a whopping 102 pounds, and I'm sure he's still got some more growing to do. Now he weighs about the same as our fourteen year old! We watched him go through the long, skinny stage, where he lost his winter coat and started stretching out. Now, with much more length on that body he has started filling out, as his coat also thickens So Atlas has become a super-sized heap of white fur.

Yesterday Hamza was playing with the puppy in the back yard. Atlas came running and knocked him down. Hamza's glasses flew off his head and landed in the grass. I'm not sure what happened next, but the end results was this:

All I could think was having to pay another $130 or so to get a new pair of glasses for Hamza. This puppy has really cost us a lot already. Safa, on the other hand, couldn't contain her laughter. She was rolling on the floor trying to contain it! So we ran over to Walmart (where we initially bought the glasses) to see what could be done. Luckily they have a replacement warranty for kids, and the same style of frame was in stock. So the tech replaced the lenses in a new frame and we were headed home in about 15 minutes, with no cost to us. Phew! That was a close save! But you know, it wouldn't be normal for our family if something crazy like this didn't happen at least once a week. Life just wouldn't be the same in the Khan household!


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